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ALEX Discover Tots Art Gallery Review

ALEX Discover Tots Art Gallery Review


Model: 1827



    • 12 individually packaged art projects and an art portfolio
    • Make 3 collages by shape, 3 sticker activities, 4 sticky collage boards and 2 crayon activities
    • Hang up your finished art or store it in the portfolio
    • Includes portfolio, crayons, doilies, buttons, fringe paper, tissue paper, google eyes, crinkly paper, stickers, paper shapes and activity sheets
    • Recommended for children 18 months of age and older



1827 Reviews

“Awesome Toy For Fundamental Toddler Skills”

Both educative and Entertaining!

My 19 month old daughter enjoyed it very much and in moments we did her first art project. The crayons come in many different colours and they’re star-shaped, simple for her small hands to catch. She had pleasure scribbling and As we had fun with all the variety of substances the portfolio comes with, I had the opportunity to teach her about shapes, colours and animals. This is an excellent toy to promote hand-eye coordination but you can incorporate it with verbal skills and teach her some terminology also. I highly recommend it since it functions as a foundation to composing, assists in the growth of visual and cognitive capability, and hand-eye coordination giving a boost to fine- motor skills. Additionally, it serves as a way for your toddler to learn to mentally express through art and be creative. This is without doubt my favorite toy for Christmas 2014.

ALEX Discover Tots Art Gallery Review | 1827 Review


“Great Quality, Great Instructional Design”

Holy cow, will my 2.5 year old coke out on the Alex Jr.. Tots art products. This includes their Busy Box. She knows where I maintain it and asks me to play box with her. She has done a ring stomp chanting busy box, active box, BUSY BOOOX.Very well thought out products over all. I had been buying a good deal from Melissa and Doug at first, and they do have some good stuff, but I might be an ALEX enthusiast now as the quality is exceptional, the educational design of the materials is well scaffolded and developmentally appropriate, and the way the activities are packaged is very thoughtful and suitable. When you are chasing after a toddler, then that matters.These jobs also make for nifty small presents and souvenirs you can pawn off on family and they find it beautiful to get a piece of your toddlers handy work.Im actually an instructional designer by trade, but also for higher ed. Having companies like ALEX that understand ECD and ECE, I believe is critical. Yes, the products could be a bit pricey, but its let me homeschool my girl and get the help I need because I simply dont have experience in Pre-K education, and considering good preschools range up to 12 Grand a year or crappy day care is as low as 800 a month, I believe I come out to the economies. Hats off to this company for their excellent work.

ALEX Discover Tots Art Gallery Review | 1827 Review


“A Superb Art Set To Foster Young Imaginations”

we’ve tried some ALEX brand collections in the past, and we have always been satisfied with the quality. This ALEX Jr.. Tots Art Gallery is no exception, and it is an excellent means for the four-year-old to perform quality craft projects at home. Our four-year-old is absolutely obsessed with making crafts and coloring. She spent her summer making paper bag puppets and attending hands-on kids craft courses, therefore when this came, she had been ready to get started. This is a surprisingly big kit, full of materials, such as crayons, tissue paper, stickers, paper shapes, and more.According into the box, theres enough in here to create twelve works of art. We’ve only completed a few, but its a lot of fun. Its wonderful to see a youngster centered on a craft project, using her hands and studying at the exact same time. This is a great way to divert a young man from an iPhone or even a television for some time. Here one can create circular or animals works of art and also have a great deal of fun with creativity. And needless to say, depending on ones interest and time, other materials can be added to the artwork kit to create even more elaborate creations. I recommend kits like this that boost creativity.

ALEX Discover Tots Art Gallery Review | 1827 Review